Fountain of the Drowning ريم بسيوني ماريو و أبوالعباس•البحث عن السعادة - رحلة فى الفكر الصوفى وأسرار اللغة•الحلواني _ ثلاثية الفاطميين•القطائع - ثلاثية ابن طولون•رائحة البحر•سبيل الغارق•بائع الفستق•الحب علي الطريقة العربية•دكتورة هناء•اولاد الناس - ثلاثية المماليك•مرشد سياحي•اشياء رائعة

Fountain of the Drowning


“Fountain of the Drowning is a multi-layered narrative set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a period when Egypt witnessed dramatic events, from the construction of the Suez Canal to the British occupation, which brought about rapid modernization and the Europeanization of social norms.Against this tumultuous background, a romance develops between Galila, an unusual woman who battles social norms to find her place in the world, and Hasan, her black servant and protector, who struggles against prejudice and the limits imposed by his status within society.As it tells the story of the two lovers, the novel paints a vivid panorama of Egyptian society and its transformation: a thriving cotton trade is born, girls’ schools are founded, slavery is abolished, and the city of Cairo is rebuilt on a European model.Through a rebellious love story entangled in legend and permeated with Sufism, the novel touches upon a multitude of universal themes, such as acceptance and rejection, forgiveness and revenge, and most importantly the question of agency: Do we have the power to shape the course of our lives?”

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