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The Importance Of Being Earnest


What happens when two women fall in love with ‘Ernest’ and Ernest doesn’t exist? the Importance of Being Earnest! Secret identities, alter-egos, invented romances and someone named Ernest.. While Jack Worthing leads a double life—representing himself as Ernest—little does he know what he is setting himself for. Things get interesting or worse, when his friend, Algernon Moncrieff, also impersonates Ernest, all in the pursuit of winning his lady love! What ensues is a satire that will tickle you, scintillate you and leave you in awe, admiring Wilde’s deftness and capacity to produce powerful social comedies. A play that has thrilled readers for over a century, the Importance of Being Earnest, is a brilliant experiment in Victorian melodrama, replete with its farcical conventions and pinching satire. Subtitled a Trivial Comedy for Serious People, this amusing, eccentric farce brings for you as one of its paradoxes the impossibility of being either earnest or moral while claiming to be so.

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