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all for love


John Dryden : All for Love \nDr. Raghukul Tilak\nJohn Dryden (1631-1700), a celebrated poet and playwright, abandoned the use of rhymed couplet after his finest play, All for Love (1678). The plot deals with the story of Antony and Cleopatra but, as compared to Shakespear?s treatment of it, Dryden gains simplicity and concentration by confining his play to the last phase of Antony?s career, when he is besieged in Alexandria and to the struggle between Ventidius (his general) and Dolabella (his friend), and Octavia (his wife) on the one hand, and Cleopatra on the other, for the soul of Antony.\nThis critical study, originally prepared by Dr. Raghukul Tilak, has now been thoroughly edited, revised and updated by Prof. Shakti Batra.

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