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Greatest Short Stories Of Leo Tolstoy

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All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town. With a career spanning almost half a century, Leo Tolstoy penned down some of the worlds greatest and most celebrated works. This edition brings for you his thirty-five best short stories ranging from stories for children, stories for the people, and Russian folk tales to his adaptations from French stories and the ones written for the Jewish pogrom victims in Russia. It includes The Snowstorm (1856), Polikushka (1863), The Prisoner of the Caucasus (1872), Where Love is, There God is Also (1885), Two Old Men (1885), Ivan the Fool (1885), Kholstomír (1885), The Imp and The Crust (1886), The Coffee House of Surat (1893), Master and Man (1895), Father Sergius, Work, Death and Sickness, After the Dance, and Alyosha the Pot (1911), among his other masterpieces. An editorial note precedes each work.

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