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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth


Professor Liedenbrock, a man of incredible impatience and Axel, his unadventurous nephew, come across a coded note in an original runic manuscript of an Icelandic saga. as they try to decipher the code and reveal the message, the results are not quite meaningful. I will get at the secret of this document andI will neither sleep nor eat until I have found it out. My comment on this was a half-suppressed Oh! Nor you either, Axel, he added.As Axel discovers the secret, he decides to keep it to himself. But defeated by his hunger after two days, he reveals it to Liedenbrock. and what follows is a journey to the center of the Earth through Iceland, down a volcanic crater.Encountering grave dangers and bizarre phenomena, as they descend down the underground world, will they reach the center of the Earth?Adapted into numerous movies and television series, Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a brilliant science fiction adventure. Demonstrating Verne s power of imagination, this masterpiece is one of his most successful works.

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