a general introduction to psycho-analysis Sigmund Freud English Books•Nonfiction Totem and taboo•Civilisation and its discontents•Totem and taboo•On the history of the psycho analytic movement•The psychopathology of everyday life•Repression•Inhibitions,symptoms and anxiety•Beyond pleasure principle•Three essays on the theory of sexuality•Studies on hysteria 1\2•The interpretation of dreams 1\2•The psychopathology of every day•the interpretation of dreams

Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends On It - used•Chicken Soup for the pet lover's soul - used•Successful conflict resolution - used•art of fantasy - evolution of egyptian cinema into the digital age•mein kampf•the myth of sisyphus•the art of war•A Day in the life of Muhammad•scientific research process•man`s search for meaning•egyptians magic•ledaends of gods

a general introduction to psycho-analysis


Though it has now fallen out of favor among many practitioners and scholars, Freud's concept of psychoanalysis -- an approach that focuses primarily on adverse events in early childhood and irrational drives that are overcome via extended talk therapy -- was and continues to be enormously influential, not only in the realm of psychology, but also in the larger culture. This volume offers a comprehensive overview of psychoanalysis from the point of view of the field's creator.

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