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Swimsuit - used


Sun kissed beaches, palm trees, the warm breeze on a clear sea. Maui is a paradise island and the perfect location for a glamorous, glossy magazine photo shoot. But all is not as it seems and the tranquillity is shattered when a series of beautiful swimwear models start to go missing. When their bodies are discovered, one after another, each more brutally murdered that the last, the hunt is on for the perpetrator of these violent killings. But has someone been watching the murderer all along? Ben Hawkins, thriller writer turned private detective knows more than he is letting on too. He quickly befriends one of the dead girls' parents and involves himself in the case but to what lengths is he willing to go to get his hands on his next number one book? The heat is on in James Patterson's latest blockbusting thriller. Dark, gripping, Swimsuit is filled with shocking twists and a blistering pace that will have the pages turning themselves.

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